What my clients say

I'd never thought too much about how my beliefs can be projected onto my students until I started to teach about the environment. My own negativity about the environment today had been creeping into my lessons. After getting help from Charlotte I was able to face my own emotions on the subject and change understand that my ideas were based on a multitude of factors, mainly from the media. Charlotte came and delivered a talk to my students helping us engage with the issue in a way that wasn't discouraging or hopeless. She took a difficult concept and made it digestible for the age group. With her input I notice a change in my own attitude towards the subject and felt enabled to teach the subject with a more positive and balanced mindset.

MARK, Tokyo, Japan

I was unsure what coaching even meant when I agreed to meet with Charlotte, but I am extremely glad that I participated. Charlotte’s coaching assisted me in articulating climate actions and goals that had been swirling around in my head without any definite form. With her assistance, it was energizing to get my ideas out and to start thinking about concrete actions and steps. I went in unsure what coaching could do for me, but I came out with a sincere appreciation and gratitude for how Charlotte’s coaching helped me to clarify to myself what I need to do to get to where I want to go.

MICHAEL, Tokyo, Japan

I was looking to start an online zero-waste wellness business and was needing help piecing it all together. Working with Charlotte has been great. The coaching really stirred things up for me, in a good way, and helped me to reflect on some personal things along the way.We came full circle in terms of helping me to be clearer about what it was I was looking for. Great tools and lots of encouragement and support! It felt very comfortable connecting with Charlotte from the start and was more like a chat with a friend. I feel that I am certainly more clear about what I need to do to move forward and have great tools to continue working on the process. Charlotte was great at pulling everything together so at the end I could see the big picture and how much we had really accomplished. 

NEAGHN, Ottawa, Canada

Our sessions really were foundational to feeling like I'm moving forward again. 

Before I enrolled in the career coaching program, not only was I stuck regarding my professional vision but I was also feeling complacent, lost, and overwhelmed in my personal life. I didn't know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go or why I should want to go "there". 

Through Charlottes homework assignments and the activities we did during sessions, I became more inspired and less apathetic - bringing me closer to myself and a clear vision of my future. I felt more motivated with each new week. 

More than anything I think I've gained confidence in myself and the value I have to bring to the world. Prior to coaching with Charlotte, I had attempted 5-year plans, future visioning, goal setting, etc. and basically failed in the process. Despite my best efforts, I had so much trouble thinking about my future self or the strengths I had developed over the years.


The process Charlotte brings to the table is super unique and holistic - her questions, activities, and even guided meditations all round together to make moving forward easy and fun. I now feel more fluent in who I am and less complacent in attaining my goals - empowered and inspired to pursue an unconventional profession that fulfills me. 


JESSICA, Connecticut, USA

Before working with Charlotte, I was struggling with a lack of clarity and direction for my job search. I felt uncertain and overwhelmed by all the possible directions. I was not taking action and felt hopeless. Through coaching with Charlotte, I have gone from no clarity and little hope to gradually gaining more of a sense of direction. I identified my values and how they inform what I want from my job. I began to get interviews for the jobs I wanted and worked with Charlotte to build my confidence. When I had setbacks Charlotte helped me build resilience and identify resources at my disposal. Now, I have taken the feedback from those interviews and invested in further training to help me make my career transition. I feel confident that not only is this the right career path for me, but that I am assured of success once I complete my training.

I felt like I could be open and honest with her and that she was able to hold space for my emotional journey as well as my job search. You asked insightful questions that got me to see things in a new light, and that helped me come to my own conclusions about what to do or what might be blocking me. 

Thanks so much for everything! You're a gem!